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Price Packages for Content Syndication’s
Platform Services
Content Credits
What are these content credits anyway?
Content credits are Content Syndicate’s very own currency.
They cost as little as $1 each.
Purchase content credits and spend them whenever you purchase an article/image.
Expire one year from the date you buy them.

Combo value for money deals:
When you buy bulk content credits, you don’t just save on credits; but more importantly, receive special discounts from the bouquet of special interest packages at Content Syndicate.


This is an ala carte purchase model. Buy Pay-As-You-Go content credits whenever you need them. Use your credits to download stock articles, images & more from the vast & rich repository at Content Syndicate.

Subscription Packages
Subscription Packages Per month Per annum Savings
$750 $7,650 15%
$625 $6,750 10%
$425 $4,482 7.5%
$350 $4,200 0%

1.The content mix – The contents of any one subscription package could vary from another ( of articles, no. of images & no. of images + articles) but the one thing that will be constant – will be the actual number of content credits that will be purchased by a customer.

2.Top-up policy – Customers can purchase extra content credits if found to be running short & needing more at the time of any intended purchase.

3.Carry forward policy – Unused content credits will be carried forward to a succeeding month/period of time with a maximum permitted validity period of 12 months (one year from date of first purchase).

Special Interest/Niche Category Packages
These are content bundles from niche areas such as:
Hotel Guide
Food Reviews
Travel & Tourism
Health & Wellness
Note: Although above will serve as starting packages for content bundling options, there will be numerous mini bundles available under the above listed categories such as:
Cricket (can be purchased stand-alone or in combination to any other bundle from the sports category)
Soccer (same as above)
Rugby (same as above)
Golf (same as above)
Fashion (can be purchased stand-alone or in combination to other entertainment categories such as Hollywood &/or MEA content)
Wellness (can be purchased stand-alone with further micro-niches available, such as – Yoga, Holistic Corporate Wellness, Tai Chi, Pilates and others.)

Price for niche content packages

Duration of package Price per package Savings
3 month package $2,850 5%
6 month package $5,400 10%
12 month package $10,200 15%
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