What kind of ‘stuff’ do you translate?

Literally any form of written word. We translate everything any anything from articles, websites,   marketing collateral,  blogs, documents, reports, press releases, manuals, social media content, applications and more…

How fast is your turn-around time?

As per industry, or human standards, in an ideal scenario a professional can deliver around  200 words an hour and about 1800 words a day. For many projects, we aim for delivery in minutes or few hours. This is provided the subject isn’t too complex, or the brief is vague or you want in an ancient language spoken by 10 people or our team doesn’t work insane hours without cutting corners.

But we need it faster?

Well, we can try. And we don’t charge extra for that. You could segment your document into logic sections and submit each part as an individual project or file. This way, we could have our team working in parallel and before submission, the project manager can review it and ensure its consistent and meets our QA standards.

Err…why do I need you guys? There’s Google Translate and other free services?

True. Some good (or bad) news, Google is closing down its API i.e. the online service in plain English. According to Google, due to ‘abuse’ of the system they could either phase out the product or plan to charge for it.  In fact we use Google Translate on our site to provide clients ‘a flavour’.

Machine Translation (MT) is good for general reference and short texts to get a ‘gist’.For anything complex, culturally sensitive, context-driven material, specialized topics, large volume projects and  any creative content, the quality is below average. It will take software years or even decades more to match humans. So our jobs are safe for now!

How are you different?

Well, we are a content services provider. We write, translate, edit, buy, sell, commission, localize content in any major language for hundreds of clients – from Fortune 500 firms, agencies, SMBs, governments and publishers. We take a 360-degrees approach to content.

Unlike other ‘translation shops’, we don’t have fine print such extra charges for experts, different pricing for different grades of quality, volume based pricing, extra for revisions, extra for research, proof-reading, urgent delivery, credit card fees, contracts, buying credits, sign-up forms and other lingo mumbo-jumbo, that only a lawyer would understand. We keep it simple and precise. What you see is what you get.

Most companies handle just a few major languages.  We believe every language matters, and no language set is too small or large – quality and quantity matter. Whether its ten words or ten million words, or a little company or a Fortune 500 company, we believe quality and great service has to come standard.

We have a simple flat fee of US$0.15 per word and guarantee quality All our team members are experienced, bi-lingual and come from a content background (editors, copywriters, translators, researchers) are hand-picked and passionate about content.

Why are your prices high?

It depends on your benchmark. The pricing varies with each service provider. To get your attention, we could charge a ridiculously low price and include all kinds of hidden charges (as mentioned above). We don’t. Compared to ‘traditional translation shops’ our charges are 50-60% lower and on-par with similar online services. Our high level of quality, personalized service, transparent pricing is what we charge for.

Do you have actually hundreds and thousands of translators?

Yes and No. Our cloud-based platform leverages multiple partners, resources to deliver the best quality service at competitive price. We do all the grunt work and heavy lifting, so you don’t have to. So technically, yes we do have  over 200,000 qualified translators, covering more than 200 languages with real-time access to them – this metric alone is 20 times more than similar service providers! Marketing speak is one thing. Delivering quality is another. Hence, we hand-pick the best of the lot, have retainer fees/contracts, have rigid grading systems, demanding QA process and keep them on speed-dial!

I have other questions?

Do explore our site, hopefully that’ll answer your questions. Else, simply drop us a line from the contact form above.